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Sethiyathope is beautiful and a nice town on Kumbakonam road. It is directly connected with Vridhachalam, Srimushnam, Bhuvanagiri, Chidambaram and Kattumannarkoil by road apart from Chennai and Kumbakonam

This place contains vellaru river,DGM hr sec school,Ramalingam, Jothi houses.Rajasekaran house(SB sir son), vetri.... CRICKET team, senninatham.

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  • D.G.M HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, Mugundan Vishal wrote 1 year ago:
    Hi I am mugundan B.E Mechanical engineer studied in ANNA UNIVERSITY -BIT CAMPUS TRICHY period from 2010-2014 and I was studied in 2009 - 2010 in D.G.M Hr.Sec School and I got mark 1037/1200 and also we are twins studied in same school and same class and also same bench his name is Mugilan B.E EEE Studied in same college he got 1044/1200.and also studied my elder brother M.Vijayakumar 2007-2008 batch .where working all the staffs are guide gud thinking ,activities,and support all the parameters like students, study, sports,Nss,Ncc and improve students knowledge very short period of time and utilize their support and get gud mark in all level of studies then provide extra classes ,test,sports and support with all our enjoyment, soul, pleasure and etc...if once we studied in D.G.M school we go ahead from other and they provide cab for students its very use ful for students and I really proud to say this thanks to D.G.M school teachers,principal, peon and students now I'm engineer because of main reason is that school so join ur sons and daughters to D.G.M School SETHIYATHOPE and students got gud marks,won cup and certificates for various sports participating various schools,college and they will help to achieve state level ranking in HSC,SSLC exams
  • K.VIVEKSARATHI New street, Sethiathope, kvsarathi4 wrote 3 years ago:
    my house
  • K.VIVEKSARATHI New street, Sethiathope, kvsarathi4 wrote 5 years ago:
    Way to go VKE ILLAM
  • SETHIYATHOPE ( Ezhilarasan from Anaivari.I am SOFTWARE ENGINEER .), Tamizhselvan.a (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    Am in perur village near to sethiathope.i have completed DEEE At ssp college in puttur.ur circumtance have any vaccancy for this a dgm school student -2oo6 contact
  • Vinoth House, jelbul (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    jelbul jelbul
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